graden hose

graden hose

Model No.︰-

Brand Name︰HKP

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Working pressure is 10 kg, blasting pressure is 30 kg;  Product material: 1. Outer tube layer: new polymer rubber and plastic material cold resistant, anti aging, not easy to crack  

2. Reinforcement layer: high strength polyester woven, high pressure resistant, pipe is not easy to burst  

3. Inner tube layer: new polymer rubber and plastic material more pressure resistant, smooth water flow;  Product certification: ROHS,REACH,CE

Specifications︰ ID(MM):10,12,15,19,21

Advantages︰ Good flexibility, easy to use, easy to keep, environmental protection and health

Export Markets︰ The global market

Pricing︰ according to customer requirements

Payment Details︰ No restrictions

Min Order︰ No restrictions

Ship Date︰ 7-30days

Standard Met︰ The default value is gb. You can perform this operation based on customer requirements

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